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Education can act as a powerful tool for reducing poverty and lack of employment and reaching an endured human development.

Whenever we in contrast our country education with other developed/developing country, the training in our country is not suitable to the current situation/practical life. All over the world governments are strictly follow the procedure of making libraries along with universities, colleges etc. because the emperor Napoleon said the "Build up libraries normally we would build up prisons.
Generally in all the countries are understand the value of higher education. In 1980s American leader Ronald Regan take several procedure for increase the higher educations. Within a study, among the 10 planet's best universities, 9 educational institutions are situated in America. The majority of the countries are including the basic education as a human right. In our India itself the training quality in organization schools and private establishments are having huge dissimilarities. For instance the education system in institutions like IIM, IIT is different type of from the other institution. IIM an IIT institutes students are having more future benefits like employment, salary and so on. rather than the other institutes. The syllabus big difference between Tamilnadu and Kerala. We can give much more examples to demonstrate in equality in our education system.
According to human resource development division report in our India only 77% of the students pursuing their higher secondary studies. In which 61. 6% of the students stop their studies in between of higher secondary. The whole no. of schools, colleges is increased slightly in comparison with previous years but the education quality is down fall. Also though the students well educated they cannot able to get a job because of non practical syllabus in many education establishments. Is it doesn't right time to introduce the "education revolution" through uniform education.
In current situation only the richest students are able to get quality education in metric and private schools. The government of Tamil Nadu going to introduce standard education system in reduces the in equality in education. In 1960's Gothari commission insist government of India to introduce consistent education in every says as well as the committee stressed to increased the allocation of finance to the education with that committee's tips the government of India introduced "Sharva Shiksha Abiyan". But the result is not up to the level. The Government of Tamilnadu comes forward to introduce the uniform education with the recommendation of Muthu kumaran committee. Standard education will reduce the burden of the college or university children through reducing the no. of books and notes and also. It will eventually make pull stop to the indirect collection of amount from the children by way of using text books. It is the positive thing in one side but in other side the quality of government school not up to the mark of private schools.
Uniform education's other important content is crating or building around by schools to little one's. But the government of Tamil Nadu doesn't give any matters about the local school systems. The Federal government of Tamil Nadu also did not include the medium of instructions as Tamil. Because Mr. Muthukumaran committee strongly stressed about providing of education in the mother tongue. The training minister also failed to range from the very important content of uniform education is appointing sufficient no. of teachers to each children in the federal government Universities.

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